E-commerce website

Large web project for a leading electronics company opening up to a consumer market done whilst contracting at The Bio Agency. My duties were on UI design working within a small design team in close collaboration with UX designers using Agile processes.
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The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Responsive infographic website designed and developed for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Having collected audio, visual and written data of first-hand accounts from newly arrived refugees in Europe on their personal stories of travelling to and arrival in Europe, the Bureau contacted me with the brief of finding a way of using the data in all its complexity in an interactive way, focusing on the narratives of the interviewees. To do this, we decided to combine specific individual accounts – presented as motion graphics based on recorded interviews – with case studies from each of the European countries that they arrived in – presented as separate infographics. The goal of the project was to highlight the amount and frequency of unaccompanied minor refugees arriving in Europe as well as discrepancies in policy between different European countries – from high refusal rates and outright blockages to bureaucracy that hinders or undermines the free movement, education, or ability to work of people even where European law is enforced. Design, motion graphics, illustration, infographics by Eilidh Urquhart. Development by Eilidh Urquhart and Khaled Shaaban.
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EU Joint Research Centre
A Safer Financial System

An interactive website design done for the European Union’s Joint Research Centre. The brief was to present complex data that had been harvested by the JRC in an accessible but still meaningful way for final output as an interactive website displayed on touch screen tablets at an exhibition space. The project was divided into an informational section followed by an interactive section where the user can change the parameters of banking regulation to see the impact on deficit.
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Zoe Interactive HPTO

Interactive header and video editing for Renault done at Publicis Modem. The brief was to use 3D renders of the car to create a collapsible header that showcased different features of the new Zoe.
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Great Expectations Fitness
Website & Identity

Branding, website design and development using WordPress for Great Expectations Fitness, a personal training company based in London.
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